ULV Treatments

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Treatments

Ultra Low Volume treatment.

The picture left shows one of ACPC’s fully insured technicians conducting an Ultra-Low-Volume Treatment in a fully furnished room as part of a treatment against a biting insect infestation.

Most biting infestations – particularly fleas- are caused by the pests being introduced into the home by a domestic pet. For more details about our ULV treatment service, please call us.

Cluster Flies

In our rural area a common pest found in country houses, and farmhouses, especially in late summer and early autumn are ‘Cluster Flies’.

Treatments can be undertaken in both roofspaces (etc) and domestic living quarters, as shown left.

Often mistaken as Blue Bottles, Cluster Flies congregate around windows, especially sash and case windows, sometimes in alarmingly large numbers. These Cluster Flies are actually infesting the roof space – they come down the wall cavities and appear through cracks etc around the windows.

Using a micro-gen ULV (ultra low volume) machine, which generates an airborne mist of droplets of insecticide, infested roof spaces can be treated quickly and effectively eliminating Cluster Flies for a year or more from a single ULV treatment.

The ULV treatment is conducted by one of our qualified and fully trained ACPC Technicians.