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Electronic Pest Control Devices

Electronic Sticky Trap Units:

These units offer certain advantages over conventional E.F.K’s. They can be closer to sensitive areas because of no electric killer grid. No danger of flying insects being ejected or blown out. Insects simply stick to the board.

All these units can be supplied with a printed grid monitor board if required for due dilligence, or standard black sticky board.

# Chameleon® Range:

Insect Zappers - Chameleon - supplied by ACPC.

#Chameleon® 1×2:

Attractive, ultra-slim, wall mounted unit, compact and unobtrusive, ideal for use in food prep areas. Two 15W powerful Quantum BLUV tubes gives 180°. This popular unit is also available with a high grade stainless steel body and chrome guard. White or Stainless Steel.

# Chameleon® 2×2:

Ceiling suspended, able to protect large open areas. Can be places ailses with no possibility of fly fallout. 360° attraction with 4 15W Quantum BLUV tubes and 2 full size sticky boards. White or Stainless Steel.

# Chameleon® Uplight:

Attractive, ultra-slim, wall mounted unit. The perfect choice for areas where fly control should be discrete, e.g. restaurants and other eating areas. Disguised as a wall light with fill sizes sticky board and 15W Quantum BLUV tube hidden from view. Front cover can be decorated to match existing decor. Magnolia, Silver and White.

Insect Zappers - Sundew - supplied by ACPC.# Sundew Fly Lite:

A uniquely attractive sticky trap unit that has found an ideal home in café’s, bars, restaurants, offices and homes. The Sundew Fly Lite can be wall mounted of just placed on a table or worktop. Standard White or Stainless Steel:

ACPC Stranraer (Ltd) for further information.

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