Defender IPM

ACPC also offer an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service. Our “DEFENDER” package is tailored for customers who have to meet the highest hygiene food standards and are subject to external audit e.g. food processing premises. Our pest management service is a professional service available to the larger business, but SME enquiries are always welcome.


Our intergrated pest management service can provide;

*ACPC Check Independent Field Biologist reports


ACPC Check* Departmental checklist


ACPC Check* Plan of site identifying numbered bait stations, electronic fly killers and insect monitors

ACPC Check* Secured bait boxes and insect monitors


ACPC Check* Electronic fly killer catch analysis


ACPC Check* Customer action reports



ACPC Stranraer (Ltd) 'Defender' Service


Contact ACPC for more information on our “DEFENDER” integrated pest management (IPM) service package.