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Electronic Pest Control Devices :Electronic Fly Killers

ACPC can supply, fit and service electronic pest control devices such as an electronic fly killer or sticky trap unit to suit your requirements whether you have a large food processing unit or a domestic kitchen or conservatory, we are able to supply a unit to suit.

We sell high quality Pest West™ electronic fly killers and sticky board units. Most have a 3-year guarantee; all are robust, long lasting, effective and easily serviced.

Insect Zappers - Titan Alpha - supplied by ACPC.# Titan® Alpha:

(Left) Very powerfull yet compact machine with two ISW tubes. Ideal for use in small shops, café’s etc. White.

# Titan® 300:

With wrap-around chrome guard giving 360° protection, this all-metal unit offers features and performance far beyond it’s price. Two powerful 18″ ISW UV tubes. Ideal for larger kitchens, shops, café’s and all commercial uses. White.

For further information about any of our electronic pest control devices such as sticky or electronic devices, please call us to discuss your requirements and pricing.