Wasps And Insects

Wasps are more than just a nuisance. At best wasp stings are painful, at worst stings around the neck or throat, or multiple stings can cause anaphylactic shock requiring urgent medical attention.

Treatment of wasp’s nests should not be attempted without the proper protective clothing and equipment. Below: Typical treatment of a wasp’s nest under slates.

ACPC Wasp treatment

The good news is ACPC can treat wasp’s nests quickly and effectively. Call us to arrange a visit.

Flying Insects

To complement electronic fly killers ACPC also treat alighting surfaces and breeding sites of commercial kitchens to provide very effective flying insect control.

Other Insect Pests

ACPC can produce a comprehensive control and monitoring service for all insect pests to business customers. We are happy to advise and quote for your specific requirements – give us a call.

ACPC will also respond very quickly to your call should you have a problem with ants or cockroaches etc in your home. Give us a call for more details.